Owatonna Bank _ Luis Sullivan Architect _  1908 

 Tribune Review Building  _ Luis Kahn Architect – 1958-1962 


Fleisher house _ Lous Kahn arcitect   –   1959 – model


 Performing Arts Theater _ Fort Wayn_ Indiana _USA_ Luis Kahan Arcitect-1959-1973


 Sher-e-Bangla Nagar ,Capital of Bangaladesh – Dhaka

 louis Kahn Architect – 1962-1983


 Margaret  Esherick  House _  Louis Kahn Architect  _ 1959-1961


 Salk Institute_ Model of meeting house _ Louis Kahn Architect – 1960-61


Watari-um Art Gallery _ Tokyo _ Mario Botta Architect – 1985-90

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