Public Buildings

Ingenhoven, Overdiek & Partner Architects_  Car Park_ Germany_2001

Eli Inbar Architects_ Observation site near Jerusalem_2002  (pic. 1)

Eli Inbar Architects_ Observation site near Jerusalem_2002   (pic. 2)

3 Responses to “Public Buildings”

  1. Devogele Thomas Says:

    I found here an interesting observation site ‘Rainbow Panorama of ARoS in Danemark’. It is similar to your Observation site near Jerusalem … conscious inspiration ? 😉

    Great Job, I enjoy sometimes looking to your blog.


  2. How are ya? Thanking you kindly, I have been waiting for this info for days. We are planning a romantic getaway and have not been able to consolidate this infromation anywhere else. I am very lucky to have located the info we are after. I will make sure to promote this info to our friends that your website was the only place on the internet that had the infromation we where after. CHEERS!

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