Expo 2010 Shanghai-Part Six-F.L.W.-Mushroom column

Mexican Pavilion _ Expo 2010  _ Shanghai

Frank Lloyd Wright  Architect _Johnson Wax Headquarters_ 1936-1939

Rafael Moneo Architect _ Atocha train Station _ Madrid _ 1992


F.L.W. Mushroom Column – the inspiration Source for the Mexican Pavilion and Rafael Moneos’ Atocha train Station ?


Recent Designed buildings inspired by the “Mushroom column” by Frank Lloyd Wright :


Hugon Kowalski _Watertower Skyscraper _ Sudan_  2007


Branzi + Italian Firm 2A+P/A _ Competition for anew Maribor Museum in Slovenia _ 2010


Two more examples :




F.L.W.  Johnson Wax Headquarters – Photos during construction Of  the Mushroom Column  1936-1939 :



4 Responses to “Expo 2010 Shanghai-Part Six-F.L.W.-Mushroom column”

  1. amancio williams monumento fin de milenio

    • Nico Hi
      Thanks for your relevant example (amancio williams monumento fin de milenio)
      I look forward for your comments to my future posts
      Stay in touch
      Eli Inbar

  2. Hi! i’m an italian student of architecture, I found very interesting what you said about “mushroom column” and i suggest you to add also an important building of an italian famous engineer Pier Luigi Nervi: Palazzo del lavoro. Here it’s a link: http://www.greatbuildings.com/buildings/Palazzo_del_Lavoro.html
    Unfortunately it will become soon a shopping center because the city of Turin doesn’t have enough money for the restauration….
    Hope you enjoy!


    • Francesca Hi
      Thanks for your Comment
      Luigi Nervi‘s mushroom columns is another example of Conscious Inspiration
      You are invited to read in my blog about the Conscious Inspiration method.
      Tell me what you think….

      Eli Inbar

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