Peter Eisenman & Turner

I invite you to an exciting  journey in search of the inspiration sources of gifted architects.

Journey to understanding the process of architectural creation. At first, an example of a painter:

Claude Gelle’e _ 1654

J.M.W. Turner _ 1814

Pictures were taken from the album of the painter Turner exhibition in Paris.

The exhibition presents paintings by Turner and Other paintings that inspired him.


And Occasion of Peter Eisenman’s visit to Israel, here are two examples from the field of architecture :

Peter Eisenman Architect
model of Haus Immendorf
Dusseldorf – Germany  1993

Herzog de Meuron Architects 
 Tate Modern  2
London _ 2009-10 

 Eliinbar sketches 2011



Peter Eisenman Architect 
 Rebstockpark Master Plan, Frankfurt ,Germany , 1990
Steven Holl Architect
Nelson- Atkins Museum
Kansas City _ USA _ 1999 

 Eliinbar sketches 2011


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One Response to “Peter Eisenman & Turner”

  1. I like the new theme of “Inspiration Inquiry Journey”.
    It Is unteresting, It is empowering.

    Thank U 🙂


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