Expo 2010-Republic of Korea Pavilion-Multi Inspirations Building

Overview – Mass  Studies Architects _ Republic of korea-pavilion_shanghai_expo-2010



Mass  Studies Arcitect _ Republic of Korea Pavilion _ Expo 2010









Steven Holl Architect _ Simmons Hall _ Kambridg _ USA _ 2002



Mass Studies Architects _ Republic of  korea- pavilion_shanghai_expo-2010








          Steven Holl  Architect _ Horizontal Skyscraper _ Vanke Center _ Chenzehn  china _ 2006-2009



The third source of  inspiration:



Mass-Studies Architects _ Republic of Korean Pavilion _ Shanghai -Expo-2010








                                     Jean Nouvel Architect _ Torre  Agbar _ Barcelona _ 2009-2010


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  1. Hi thanks for sharing your diary is so cool to read your post.

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