Expo 2010 Part 12 – Peter Zumthor

Bicvardo Architects _ Italian Pavilion _ Expo 2010 _ Shanghai

Peter Zumthor Architect _ Swiss Pavilio _ Expo 2000 Hannover

7 Responses to “Expo 2010 Part 12 – Peter Zumthor”

  1. i dont disagree with you but there is something called “imagination” and this imagination doesn’t come from the air… you have to see several buildings in order to have ideas to design your own and it is not unusual that some are similar in some ways with others.
    the one who takes one idea, transform it and make it a new one with inteligence is not copying it, is innovating it.
    p.s nice drawings

  2. Nice idea with the comparisons.
    That strange creation by Bicvardo just doesn’t stand up next to the Hannover pavilion though 🙂 Zumthor = real architecture.

    • Maybe we can’t really compare between the two.

      My blog is a modest attempt to put a mirror and reflect Contemporary architecture.
      What do I see in the mirror?
      I recognize significant feature which I can not ignore.
      The availability of information in the network affects us all….
      Most of the Architects do not invent architecture (and it sound reasonable) … they are mainly inspired by existing buildings,
      Not always successfully….
      Sometimes it seems more like “copy-paste” and sometimes it seems more like “conscious inspiration”.
      I realized there is no point going against the flow.
      this is the current reality ,
      architects are inspired by existing buildings
      So lets do it right ….lets learn how to be inspired from existing buildings consciously.

      For that I am developing the “Conscious Inspiration Method”
      Come and join me

      • I like the idea of the blog and comparing different buildings, it’s actually very useful(!)
        Your sketch of the Shanghai pavilion looks good, but I got a problem with the computer rendering … just my pet peeve ; )
        Can’t agree with going “with the flow” … as someone once said, “only dead fish swim with the flow”. Nothing wrong with being inspired with others’ work though. You just have to do it intelligently. Another Zumthor example: take a look at the concrete beams on his Churwalden school – that’s taken straight from Kahn’s work, but used properly in a different setting.

      • eliinbar Says:

        I agree with you completely….
        Are you interested to go through more posts .. say from the last year?
        I think they are related to your thinking
        I’d love to hear your opinion

    • I’ve been looking at some of your comparison posts a while ago, and I quite like the idea, and you should definitely go on with it if you have the time. It would be interesting to have a small database of the evolution of architecture …
      P.S: another Zumthor building: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40627523@N03/8366749295/in/photostream/ … I had actually come up with a similar roof design for one of my projects at about the same time. Unfortunately, mine won’t get built.

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