Rem Koolhaas – “Conscious Inspiration”

Rem Koolhaas   and OMA’s  projects ,are  known  all over the world.

Their buildings  are  source of inspiration for architects worldwide.

This week I will publish in my blog, some examples of what I think were the sources of inspiration for Rem Koolhaas.
I will also post examples of architectural offices that got the inspiration from his buildings.

 My posts , will show   examples of  conscious inspiration”



One Response to “Rem Koolhaas – “Conscious Inspiration””

  1. What you describe are esthetical resemblances between random buildings that have been designed by the two offices totally independently and without the “inspiration” you discovered here. The dates you mention are dates of publication and not of the design. Both the OMA and the MVRDV building have been designed well before the date you mention. This series of yours is insinuating relationships which do not exist and is therefore a pure esthetical comparison lacking intellect, besides, it represents almost an insult to whichever office is supposed to be “inspired” by the other.


    Jan Knikker

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