Steven Holl the “Sponge Concept” 2 – Conscious Inspiration


Steven Holl Architect

Sketch for Naning _ Chaina _ 2002



Zaha Hadid Architect

   The Opus Commercial Towers _ Dubai _ 2007



Zaha Hadid Architect

 King Abdullah II house of Culture and Art _ Amman _ 2010



BIG Architects

 Ted Building _ Taiwan _ Competition 2010



eliinbar Sketches 2010



Rolex Learning Center by SANAA Architects


Does this building demonstrats how the”Conscious inspiration method” works? 

This building designed by SANAA, a leading Architecture firm, is on my opinion an interpretation to the Steven Holls’ “Sponge Concept”.

If you are interested in SANAA Inspiration Sources

You are invited to visit my recent and relevant post


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