Alvaro Siza – Conscious Inspiration 3

Alvaro Siza is in my opinion one of the most talented architects who are implementing the principles of conscious inspiration
Here are three examples :


Franz Holzhammer Architect_Postamt am Goetheplatz_ Munchen_ 1031-32

Alvaro Siza Architect _ Schlesisches Tor- public housing block _ Berlin_ 1980


Hans Scharoun Architect _ Workers Collective Hostel _ Germany _ 1928-29

Alvaro Siza Architect _ Banco Borgers _ Porto _1980


Louis Kahn Architect _ First Unitarian Church _ Rochester _N.Y, _ 1959-69

Alvaro Siza Architect _ Portugal Pavilion Expo 1998 _ Lisbon _ Portugal _ 1998

2 Responses to “Alvaro Siza – Conscious Inspiration 3”

  1. excellent.
    that was a coincident!!!!


    • Hi Martin
      Thank you for your sympathetic response.
      The photograph of the stack of books as a metaphor, clearly explains the unique morphology of this group of buildings.
      I’d be happy to cooperate
      Eli Inbar

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