SANAA – “Conscious Inspiration”

The School of Design in the city of Essen at Germany, was designed and built during the years 2003-2006 ,by architecture firm SANAA .
Here are some examples, of recent projects, that I think got their inspiration from the SANAA project:

SANAA Architects _ Zollverein Design School _ Essen _ Germany _ 2003-6

Avehideshi Architects and Associates  _Small House_Osaka – Japan _ 2010

Coo Planning Architect _ House _ Hamadera _ Osaka -Japan _ 2010

Elding Oscarson Architect _ Townhouse _ Landskrona_ Sweeden _ 2010

Avehideshi Architects and Associates _ Tobacco Store _ Osaka – Japan _ 2010


In the Future posts I’ll introduce  you La Tourette, a project that architect Le  Corbusier  planned  in the 50th (1957-60).

It will be interesting to find out who are the architects that received their inspiration from this project, and how….




3 Responses to “SANAA – “Conscious Inspiration””

  1. thank you for your analyse, i find it very interesting.
    i’ll be please to see inspiration bye couvent de la tourette which i find is a great work of Le Corbusier.

    • eliinbar Says:

      Thank you …. recommend you to make a search in the blog…
      there are some posts that examine la tourette….

  2. interesting comparison!

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