Le Corbusier – La “Ville Radieuse” NOW!!

I returned from a visit to the  incomprehensible city – Hong Kong,
Corbusier’sVILLE RADIEUSE” is been built there….

Ville Radieuse”  is a controversial city plan, developed by Corbusier in the 30s’ of  the last century

Here is Corbusier‘s sketch from 1935, showing three stages in the “natural” evolution of large cities towards  la “Ville Radieuse“.

1. By 1900 the city is characterized by lowrise buildings and large density.–

2. From 1900 to 1935 skyscrapers are built to increase the density.

3. In the “future” , Corbusier propose to demolish the existing buildings and replace theme by “la ville Radieuse”


How about this typical building in Hong Kong?



Is this another example of “-conscious inspiration”?



 in my Facebook



To be continued….

3 Responses to “Le Corbusier – La “Ville Radieuse” NOW!!”

  1. I appreciated this article, but am not knowledgable enough to discuss it in architectural terms. It’s just something that strikes me about those packed residential areas.

  2. There’s a similarity for sure between Hong Kong skyscrapers and those Le Corbusier suggested. The cross shape works very well to accommodate a maximum amount of flats around one staircase (some constantly in shade of course). Apart from the individual building the two couldn’t be more different, in my opinion. Le Corbusier planned towers to free up space for parks, while in Hong Kong they are built to accommodate more and more people. There is a clear separation between the superdensity of those centres (always grouped around metro stations and their shopping malls) and nature around.

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