Le Corbusier – “ville Radieuse” 2 – Not So Conscious Inspiration

Two Corbusier‘s sketches illustrating the concept of the radiant city  =   “ Ville Radieuse



La Ville Radieus promised future of sunshine, fresh air and greenery for city-dwellers.

A city which consist of giant apartment blocks and green, landscaped spaces

It will be the vertical garden city.

Renewable area near the airport of Hong Kong


eliinbar Sketches 2010 – not so “conscious inspiration

Is this the  radiant city Corbusier imagined?

It seems more as , not so “conscious  inspiration

 Another example of a residential building in Hong Kong.


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3 Responses to “Le Corbusier – “ville Radieuse” 2 – Not So Conscious Inspiration”

  1. Looking at this heritage, i wonder if Le Corbusier had such a “positive” influence in humanity.

  2. Hey FRAN
    Thank you for your comment.

    I believe that by applying the principles of “conscious inspiration”,
    Corbusier’s ideas and other talented architects
    Could have been translated in a positive way….

    Now ask me what is “conscious inspiration” and how does it work?

    Today, more than half a year after I began my journey to understand the sources of inspiration of talented architects , i learned a lot….
    But I have a long way to clarify this fascinating issue ….

    Eli Inbar

  3. siza…

    […]Le Corbusier – “ville Radieuse” 2 – Not So Conscious Inspiration « Someone Has Built It Before[…]…

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