Organic Design – Conscious Inspiration

In 2001, Beijing City selected Herzog De Meuron’s “Bird nest” as the best arena design…

In 2003 their scheme became the official national stadium for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The design team studied Chinese- ceramics as a source of inspiration.

Chinese ceramic ware _ Vase with crakle


In 2001,architect Toyo Ito designed Tods’ Omotesando Store in Tokyo.

A unique organic design that was called the “Tree Building”


Toyo Ito Architect 

 Tod’s  Omotesando Store  – the “tree building”

 Tokyo   Japan   2002-2004


Hezog De Meuron Architects 

 National Stadium – the “bird nest”

Beijing   2001-2008


The organic approach expressed  in the “Tree Building” and the “ Bird Nest”

became a new “trend” …. here are some examples:


 to be continued….

3 Responses to “Organic Design – Conscious Inspiration”

  1. What is the building that’s below the image of the bird’s nest? The one that has the black ‘organic steel framing’ on the exterior?

    Also, I really like this blog! Keep up the great work!

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