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Le Corbusier-Ronchamp Chapel “Conscious Inspiration” 2

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Corbusier designed and built the Ronchamp Chapel from 1950 to 1954.

Since then the chapel is a source of inspiration for talented architects.

Here  is another example of Conscious Inspiration….

I can Predict that the Mansilla & Tunon’s Concert Hall was the PRATICAL and TYPOLOGICAL  inspiration for WRNS STUDIO.

The AVALABILITY of architecture INFORMATION is an important  “woorking – tool“.

It helps us to impliment the principles of “Conscious Inspiration”.

Le Corbusier Architect

 Ronchamp Chapel

Notre Dame du Haut,  France 1950-1954


Mansilla & Tunon Architects

Concert Hall Leon spain 2003


WRNS Studio

Parking Structure

 San Francisco USA 2009