Le Corbusier Ronchamp Chapel ” Sacred Inspiration” 2

Louis Kahn Architect

First Unitarian Church and School

Rochester  NY  1959-1969

Louis Kahn   Designed an built the First Unitarian Church and School  in Rochester NY from 1959  to 1969 

Kahn’s  earliest known sketches show that he was working with a centralized concept.

His Desire was to create a single unified structure appropriate to Unitarianism…. 

Another influence of past solutions to church planning was Rudolf Wittkower’s Architectural Principles in the age of Humanism which illustrated centrally planned Renaissance churches. 

Did Ronchamp chapel was another source of inspiration for Louis Kahn?

Note  the concrete heavy flouting roof  and the distribution of the indirect day light coming from hidden windows.


Louis Kahn First Unitarian Church  eliinbar Sketches 2010


 Le Corbusier Ronchamp Chapel eliinbar Sketches 2010


 Rafael Moneo Lady of the Angels Cathedral eliinbar Sketches 2010


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