Le Corbusier – “Green button Inspiration”

What do you think about this house? 

It seems like a good idea that re-use it self. 

Is this another example of “Conscious Inspiration”?   

The source is undoubtedly Le Corbusiers’ Ronchamp – Chapel….


Clavienrossier Studio added two tinted concrete volumes atop the remains of a stone house in the Swiss Alps

 Charrat in the Valais canton of Switzerland

 published on December 3rd, 2010

Mansilla + Tunon Architects 

 Concert Hall

 Leon spain 2003

WRNS Studio

Parking Structure

San Francisco USA 2009 

Le Corbusier Architect

 Ronchamp Chapel

Notre Dame du Haut, France 1950-1954

Some interesting Quotes from Frank Ghery Architect : 

1. “People live and work in uninspiring environments 

2. “Many people put a green button on their collar and feel good”

7 Responses to “Le Corbusier – “Green button Inspiration””

  1. Aires mateus has used this windows system too, in a very nice way.


    For me, the first inspiration is not Le Corbusier but middle age arquitecture.
    Le Corbusier was very inspired by l’abbayes du Thoronet which uses the thickness of the stone wall to reflect the light

    You can notice tha Le Corbusier use those widows in order to use the reflection too but all the others architects have returned the windows and use the systeme as a aesthetical pattern.

  2. This house was built in the 17th century
    unconscious inspiration for le Corbusier?

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