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Oscar Niemeyer – “Conscious Inspiration” ?….

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Oscar Niemeyer talks about learning architecture and “inspiration”:

And how is this campaign happening?
I’ve talked with teachers, academics, journalists, young architects—anyone who crosses my way and wants to “talk about architecture.” Pay attention, kids, you can’t graduate and just dedicate your life to being a good architect. That is bullshit. You need to find an original way to think and to be informed about everything daily. Read, read, read, and read.

(You’ve been working intensely all these years; what inspires you? This thing called inspiration is not important to me at all. The other day as I was drawing a project, when I sat in front of the desk I already knew what I was going to do. I thought about it for many days, about each possibility, each solution, about the fact that I wanted to do something different. Architecture, to me, is invention. Go to Brasília—you may or may not enjoy my projects, but I dare you to find something similar

See the full interview with Oscar Niemeyer at:


Casino & Casino Park Hotel. Funchal, Madeira

These project started in 1966 and was built in the 1970′s. Oscar Niemeyer worked from Paris and formed a partnership with Portuguese architect Viana de Lima.


 A memorial to President of the United States John Kennedy

built in the Jerusalem mountains

 according to the design of  architect  David Resnick  in 1966


Oscar Niemeyer says “You need to find an original way to think and to be informed about everything daily“. 

I agree with him….

Today it is all here…. in the WEB…. Availability of the “architecture information” …. as i show in my posts,   probably affects the planning processes and thinking of the modern architectects.

Conscious Inspiration” is a method that will give the new generation of architects   the tools to cope with the abundance of information, and Create quality and creative architecture….as Oscar Niemeyer says “invention Architecture