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Oscar Niemeyer “Conscious Inspiration” 1

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Architects throughout the world were invited in 1960 to design a Cathedral for Liverpool. Sir Frederick Gibberd’s design was chosen, and building began in October 1962. Less than five years later 1967, the Cathedral was completed.

Sir Frederick Gibberd Architect

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Liverpool

England 1960 – 1967


Oscar Niemeyer Architect

 Cathedral of Brasília  

Brazil,established 1958, inaugurated in 1960 Completed:   May, 1970


Oscar Niemeyer’s Cathedral of Brasília is often compared to the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Both are circular with high spires that extend from the top. However, the sixteen spires on Niemeyer’s cathedral are flowing boomerang shapes, suggesting hands with curved fingers reaching toward heaven .

The exterior of the cathedral resembles the circular plan and ribbed structure of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, but the latter is clad in solid material, while the Cathedral of Brasília allows light in and out for almost the full height of the ribs

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