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Zaha Hadid “The slice effect”

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  Zaha Hadid Architect
Performing arts centre Hague

the Netherlands Published July 21st, 2010

Here’s some information from Zaha Hadid Architects:

The new centre would house four music and dance institutions in one building clad with horizontal louvres.

In sharp contrast with the centre’s basic rectangular geometry, a fluid force field of horizontal louvers – that seemingly moves when graced by light and shadow – creates a playful language on the facade that articulates public circulation, foyers and the sculpted inner atrium, whilst at the same time allows visual connections out to the square as well as internal links between the various spaces of the project.

BIG Architects
Ted Building 
 Taiwan –Competition 2010

The access through the building allows for ventilation, shade, and increased fenestration for the occupants.TED is a public building in Taiwan that uses a form and highly mixed program to encourage a large cross section of users., the 57 meter cubed building has an open section, or ‘street’ to allow full public access through the building. The access rises and dilates near the top of the building and opens onto a rooftop garden. The roof is to be a public park and informal performance area.



A Model of the Performing arts centre in Hague that emphasize the Zaha Hadid’s architectural idea about “The Slice effect”, Integrated with the “Sponge Concept”


A close look to the Ted Building , Showing’ “The Slice effect”, Integrated with the “Sponge Concept”    


I Announces the opening of the Zaha Hadid‘s Inspiration month

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