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Le Corbusier & Steven Holl ” Past Continuous Inspiration” 2

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Inspiration sketch Gallery (ISG) by Eli Inbar

Recently I visited the  Le Corbusier foundation site
It shows all the projects planned and carried out by Le Corbusier

I came across two interesting examples of “Conscious Inspiration” 

The First one you can see in my previous Post

The foundation WEB page:


Here is the second example of “Past Continuous Inspiration”:


Le Corbusier Architect

Building of the lock-Kemps Infer

 located between Basel and Mulhouse on the Canal du Rhône, France, 1960



Steven Holl Architect   

 Toolenburg-Zuid housing complex Schiphol Netherlands

Competition Project  2001-2002


from eliinbar’s Sketch book 2011

The “conscious inspiration” Signs:

1. Both buildings deal with the proportions of a tower

2. Significant source of inspiration is the tree structure (“trunk” and “branches”)

3. The shell of the buildings (walls and floors) takes an expression on the facade.

4. The openings in the shell (Windows) are from “skin” to “skin”





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