Fumihiko Maki- A Glimpse to the 80’s – “Conscious Inspiration”

Fumihiko Maki 1993 Laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Price 

Jury Citation: Fumihiko Maki of Japan is an architect whose work is intelligent and artistic in concept and expression, meticulously achieved.

He is a modernist who has fused the best of both eastern and western cultures to create an architecture representing the age-old qualities of his native country while at the same time juxtaposing contemporary construction methods and materials.


 Fumihiko Maki Architect

Iwasaki Art Museum Annex  

Completion date 1978-87


Tadao Ando Architect 

 Church on the Water, Tomamu Japan

Design: 1985-88-  Construction: 1988


Jacques Herzog de Meuron  Architects

Railway Engine Depot,

Auf dem Wolf ,Basel, Schweiz project Design 1988- 1989, realization 1991-1995



eliinbar  sketches 2011



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