Leonidov & Morphosis the “Conscious Inspiration Chain” 3

from eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2011 the “Conscious Inspiration Chain”

The natural development of Architecture design is based on inspiration techniques that I like to call “Conscious Inspiration”..

In this post the machine form of the Industrial structures, typical in the Oil refinery enterprises, I guess, is the inspiration source for Leonidov and Morphosis…..

Industrial structures

 typical in the Oil refinery Enterprises

Was built in the thirties

Leonidov’s (architect)

Proposed “Ministry of Heavy Industry” (1934)

Picture from the “The Charnel-house Blog “ by Ross Wolfe

Is it a coincidence that Leonidov choose the image of this Industrial structure for the Ministry of Heavy Industry?   I  guess not….

Morphosis Architects  The Phare Tower La Defense business district Paris,France  2006

eliinbar’s sketches 2011 The ”Conscious Inspiration Chain”

More information about The “Conscious Inspiration Chain”

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One Response to “Leonidov & Morphosis the “Conscious Inspiration Chain” 3”

  1. very good observation sketches asusual,thank you for sharing it.
    please find india’s top most 50 Architects who involved them in quality of design!!!

    thank you

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