J.Mayer H. the ultimate “Conscious Inspiration Architect” 1

From eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2011-“Conscious Inspiration Architect” 1

In this post I will trace the inspiration sources of Architect J.Mayer H.


It seems that Mayer starts his designs by  making a research….

Decodes the “DNA” of his favorite architects….
Implements their “vocabulary” in his projects ….
Adds its own approaches….
Adjust his project to the environment….
and  builds high-quality and original projects….


Here is the first example, for you to judge.

Tell us what you think 

Jürgen Mayer H. architect

  Metropol Parasol

 Sevilla, Spain   2011

Architect Thomas Herzog and structural engineer Julius Natterer

 Expo 2000 Parasol

Shigeru Ban Architect

 Centre Pompidou Metz

international competition  2003

Jean Nouvel  Architect

National Museum of Qatar.

published March, 2010


  eliinbar Sketches 2011 “Conscious Inspiration Architect”


“Conscious Inspiration” is practicing and acquiring tools to improve observation and differentiation of details.

More information about The “Conscious Inspiration Architect”

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3 Responses to “J.Mayer H. the ultimate “Conscious Inspiration Architect” 1”

  1. Lilly Doridou Says:

    Alice in Wonderland!! I prefer the first one in Sevilla because I do like soft lines. the Pompidou has a royal fun fun fun, the expo 2000 Parasol is just like crazy mushrooms, and the museum of Catar is like a kind of ice cream with biscuits or a destructive dream of 70s?
    bye now!!

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