Zaha Hadid & Ben van Berkel in the Chicago’s Millennium Park

From eliinbar’s sketchbook 2011

After meeting with Anish Kapoor’s works, who designed his famous “Cloud Gate” in the Chicago Millennium Park .

I learned more about the Park. ..

This structure designed in 2009 by the architect

Ben van Berkel  next to Zaha Hadid’s pavilion, in the MillenniumPark,

Is surprisingly similar in his formality

to a Zaha Hadid’s Project, Nordpark Cable Railway

designed and built from 2004 to 2007 In Austria.

Here are the projects for you to judge.

Tell us what you think

Ben van Berkel Architect


Chicago’s Millennium Park 2009

Zaha  Hadid Architect

Nordpark Cable Railway Innsbruck

Austria  2004–2007

eliinbar Sketches 2011

I try to understand why the architect who designed the pavilion in the Millennium Park, with a program open to interpretations, chooses not to use the tools of “Conscious Inspiration”

Conscious inspiration” is not a new process.

Talented architects are using it on a daily basis….

Training the young generation of architects according to the principles of conscious inspiration,

will lead us architects and designers to high quality and creative architecture….

More  information about the Zaha Hadid’s projects

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