Le Corbusier & Archigram – “Buildings floating in the air” or “building moving”

Happy to be back 

Here is a new type of buildings we can find on the Web…. 

I think its easy to identify its origins..

 Alsop Architects 

 Sharp Centre for Design

Toronto, Canada   Completion: 2004

Wolfgang Tschapeller Architect

Belgrade Center for Promotion of Science  Belgrade

Competition first prize, published 2010

eliinbar Sketches 2011– Le Corbusier & Archigram

What do you think about my suggestion for their inspiration sources.? 

You are invited to send me other examples of buildings belonging to this group.

You are invited to visit my relevant posts 

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4 Responses to “Le Corbusier & Archigram – “Buildings floating in the air” or “building moving””

  1. 😀 !

  2. mark alvin alnas Says:

    a lot of architects are basically in love with form-making and dwell in visual inclinations rather than pragmatic process to give form i.e. zaha on representational and koolhaas (and his minions) on diagrammatic. your term “inspiration” contradicts your proposition because your comparing both projects visually behind its theory. to further, i believe you want to argue which one tries to copy or one who was copied.

    • mark alvin alnas Hi
      In my blog, I juxtapose examples of projects without the intention to insinuate that one architect copied from another, but rather to spur a dialog among architects.
      The goal is to encourage an architectural planning process that I like to call Conscious Inspiration.
      I am obviously not the first to consider this approach:
      Le Corbusier mentions in one of his books that his sources of inspiration for the Cathedral of Ron Champ was Villa Adriana at Tivoli. The French architect Emile Aillaud describes in his writings that his source of inspiration for 3 office buildings in LA Defense (near Paris) was the Piazza Dei Miracoli with the Tower of Pisa. Louis Kahan eventually got his inspiration to design the Hurva Synagogue from the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, and Tadao Ando traveled all over Europe to get inspired by existing buildings as a way to train him self to become an architect..
      So far, I have only scratched the surface of this concept, and I am in the beginning of this journey. I believe the journey itself may lead us architects to a more rigorous architectural planning.
      Eli Inbar

  3. ism

    Le Corbusier & Archigram – “Buildings floating in the air” or “building moving” | Someone Has Built It Before

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