Mario Botta Architect S. Angeli Chapel Mount Tamaro

Recently I visited the S.Angeli Chapel designed by Mario Botta on Mount Tamaro,Switzerland.
The Chapel was designed and built between 1990 and 1996.

A lot was written about Mario Botta inspired by Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn,
Two influential architects who worked in the twentieth century

What do you think was the inspiration source for Mario Botta’s S.Angeli Chapel round openings?
In The following posts I’ll try to find out what are Mario Botta’s  sources of inspiration .

 Mario Botta  Architect 

S. Angeli Chapel 

Mount Tamaro

Mario Botta  Architect 

 S. Angeli Chapel 

 Mount Tamaro

S. Angeli Chapel


Mount Tamaro

Mario Botta  Architect 

 S. Angeli Chapel 

Mount Tamaro – round openings 


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6 Responses to “Mario Botta Architect S. Angeli Chapel Mount Tamaro”

  1. Greg Hume Says:

    The image of the North Christian Church requires attribution. It is from Wikipedia. Attribution: Photo by Greg Hume

  2. Hi
    What a lovely website – I am going to visit it more often since I have discovered it – thanjs – by the way I see you have a link to my website – thanks for that and I am going to do the same 😉

    • eliinbar Says:

      Thanks for the sympathetic response
      I really enjoy your blog pictures …. They brighten up the photographed environment and architecture….
      Thanks for the link
      Keep up enjoying ….

  3. James Jones Says:

    I would like to use your image of Mario Botta’s Monte Tamaro chapel showing the repeating openings in an upcoming book titled AEROFORM: The influences of aerodynamics on architectural form. Please let me know if this would be Ok?

    • eliinbar Says:

      Thank you for contacting me, will credit be given?

      Please list my name and blog name

      And good luck
      Eli Inbar Architect

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