Zaha Hadid & “house as a metaphor”or the “Visual House“

From eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2011 – Zaha Hadid – “house as a metaphor”

In previous posts I introduced the concept of “house as a metaphor“(“Visual House“) 
Here is another example of “Conscious Inspiration
Zaha Hadid in the River Side project is among the first that gave a unique interpretation to the Idea of the “house as a metaphor

 Zaha Hadid Architect

Riverside Museum

Glasgow , Scotland  2004-2011

 Herzog de Meuron Architects

Vitra Campus ,  Weilam Rhhein ,  Germany


  Eliinbar sketches 2011  Zaha Hadid – “house as a metaphor“(“Visual House“)


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What did I learn from this post?

A Source of inspiration can be also a metaphor – the” Visual House“

more buildings inspired by the “Visual House”

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  1. Appreitacion for this information is over 9000—thank you!

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