Eliel Saarinen & Conscious Inspiration

During the research I’m doing the last few days in pursuit after Zaha Hadid’s inspiration sources. (Zaha Hadid & Plastelina Architeccture)

I ran into the last building designed by Eliel Saarinen 

What do you think,  the churches designed by Sir Frederick Gibberd and Oscar Niemeyer are his inspiration sources?


Eliel Saarinen Architect

 North Christian Church, Columbus, Indiana

completed in 1964 

 Photo by Greg Hume


 Oscar Niemeyer Architect 

 Cathedral of Brasília   

Brazil,established 1958, inaugurated in 1960 , Completed:   May, 1970

 Sir Frederick Gibberd Architect

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Liverpool

England 1960 – 1967

    Eliinbar sketches 2011  &  Oscar Niemeyer



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My New meditation corner:

What is “Conscious Inspiration”?

“Conscious Inspiration” is practicing and acquiring tools to improve observation and differentiation of details


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2 Responses to “Eliel Saarinen & Conscious Inspiration”

  1. Thomas Mathew Says:

    its easy to criticize works of architects and saying its been done before is like spitting on his or her hardwork.The person coming up with these “built”comparisons should try making a building themselves and see what they undergo.inspiration isnt unique it is omnious it could appear identical to any person anywhere in this world.Architects struggle to make a living too designing buildings.If such allegations re made mocking any architects work,it must be done to them directly with informing the concerned persons office;not backstabbing them putting up such posts on facebook.

    • Thomas Mathew hai
      Thanks for the detailed response
      This blog discusses issues you mention, in a different way
      I recommended that you review more posts
      I’d love to hear your response

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