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SANAA & Aldo van Eyck “wheels of Heaven”, “the Generating Plan”, “Conscious Inspiration”

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From  Eliinbar’s Sketch book 2011  SANAA & Aldo Van  Eyeck

From time to time I display an example of a familiar building ground-plan, which inspires architects.

In this post I present  Aldo van Eycks “Wheels of Heaven” Church, [project],from  1966,  and SANAA’s “Glass Pavilion”, Museum of Art in Toledo.

SANAA is one of the Innovative architecture firms working today.

Aldo van Eyck (1918 – 1999)  was one of the most influential protagonists of the Structuralism movement and later in his career called for a return to humanism within architectural design.

Aldo van Eyck Architect

Wheels of Heaven Church,ground plan model

[project], 1966

SANAA  Architects  Glass Pavilionground plan

Toledo,Ohio, USA  Museum of Art

Opening: 2006

The two ground plans have similar  patterns.

They are composed of two main components, the “main spaces” (who are characterized by their round morphology)

and the “Spaces in between” (see my Sketches).

 Eliinbar’s Sketches  2011 – SANAA &  Aldo Van Eyck

In Aldo van Eyck’s Church, the “Spaces in between” are used for “movement” 

SANAA’s in the” Glass Pavilion” gave an innovative interpretation to Aldo van Eyck’s Church ground plan.

The circular morphology of the “main spaces” is similar, if that unlike  Aldo van Eyck’s Church the partitions are transparent, but the “movement” in the building is from one main space to another.

The “Spaces in between” are used as”Separator spaces”.

SANAAArchitects Glass Pavilion

The “Spaces in between” are used as”Separator spaces

SANAA’s “Glass Pavilion” is in my opinion a Good example of “Conscious Inspiration“.


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