In pursuit after Zaha Hadid’s inspiration Sources 4-“Tree of knowledge”

From eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2011 , Zaha Hadid’s Inspiration Sources

In this post I present MVRDV’s Sloterpark Swimming Pool and Zaha Hadid’s Pierres Vivesbuilding , housing three government departments .

Zaha Hadid is today the most widely publicized and influential architect by Google test

It’s not the formal similarity, why I pose the two projects, and I don’t have the intention to insinuate that Zaha Hadid copied from another. 

My goal is to encourage the developing of “Codex rules“for a new architectural planning process that I call  Conscious Inspiration.


Zaha Hadid Architects

Pierres Vives

Montpellier France  2002-2012


MVRDV Architects

Sloterpark Swimming Pool 

 Amsterdam  competition 1994


From Zaha Hadid’s Site:

The Pierres Vives Building “ Housing three government department emerging as a “tree of Knowledge” three institutions unified within a single envelope

The spectacular design of the building is inspired by the idea of a “tree of knowledge” as an organizational diagram for the entire project. 

Zaha Hadid uses the concept of trunk and tree to organize and divide up the complexity of the administrative citadel as a whole.


Eliinbar sketches 2011, Zaha Hadid’s Inspiration Sources

Zaha Hadid is looking for a programming idea to combine three institutions unified within a single envelope.

She is inspired by the metaphor of the tree of Knowledge

How it affect Zaha Hadid’s design?

Are metaphors her Inspiration Sources?

“I am a tree of knowledge” from The Macho Response blog


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