Zaha Hadid and the “Sculpture Buildings Trend”

This post is about a contemporary trend ….buildings that get inspired from the three dimensional artwork…. Sculpture. 

Zaha Hadid Architect ,is in my opinion , leading the “Sculpted buildings trend, today .

In addition, I will show some interesting recent projects , dealing with the “Sculpted buildings trend”.



Sculpture is three-dimensional artwork created by shaping. Materials may be worked by removal such as carving; or they may be assembled such as by welding, hardened such as by firing, or molded or cast. Surface decoration such as paint may be applied.

Zaha Hadid Architect   

Guggenheim Hermitage

Vilnius, Lithuania , Competition 2008

Here’s some information from Zaha Hadid Architects about the Guggenheim Hermitage museum :

The museums sculptural volume is designed along Zaha Hadid’s characteristic conceptual terms of fluidity, velocity and lightness. The building appears like a mystical object floating above the extensive artificial landscape strip, seemingly defying gravity by exposing dramatic undercuts towards the surrounding entrance plazas. Large activated green fields flow around the museums sculptural mass, underlining its enigmatic presence with curvilinear lines echoing the elongated contours of the building. Contrasting with the vertical business district skyline it is a manifestation of Vilnius’ new cultural significance.

                            Coop Himmelb(l)au architects

Martin Luther Church

Hainburg, Austria  2008-2011

Here’s some information from Coop Himmelb(l)au about the Martin Luther Church :

The design language has been developed from the shape of the curved roof of a neighboring Romanesque ossuary – the geometry of this century-old building is translated into a form, in line with the times, via today’s digital instruments

Martin Luther Church inspiration sources and design  methodology.

Neighboring Romanesque ossuary picture  (top Left) and a today’s digital trendy sculptural interpretation (Lower right).

Here are some more  interesting recent projects , dealing with the “Sculpted buildings trend”:

SUS&HI office – Calcagno Littardi A.A. + Y.Park + A. Tomaiuolo Architects

“Organic Water Pavilion”-  public open space, Seoul

published 2011 


 Robert Bruno Architect

 “Steel House”, 2006

Sharn Architects 

 “Pixelated Skyscrape” Singapore

Published 03/2009

Eliinbar sketches 2011  “Sculpture Building Trend “


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