Learning from Frank Gehry . ….Chapter 3 – the “Clinging Statue Strategy”

From eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2011 Gehry’s “Clinging Statue Strategy”

In my previous posts I showed how Gehry succeeds to design sculptural buildings using the “Sculptural Warping Strategy”- (Disney’s concert hall and his own house) and preserves their initial functional program.

In this Post I will show Gehry’s early strategy ,preserving a Museum program, and still expresses his desire to a unique building, with sculptural characteristics.

Frank Gehry  Architect

Frederick R.Weisman Museum

Minneapolis USA  1990-1993

Frank Gehry’s Sketch

 for a typical Floor plan

Weisman Museum

Frank Gehry“s

upper Level plan

 Weisman Museum

Eliinbar sketches 2011, .  ….Frank Gehry’s “Clinging Statue Strategy”

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3 Responses to “Learning from Frank Gehry . ….Chapter 3 – the “Clinging Statue Strategy””

  1. Excellent, the colors you added really helped me follow his thought. Great work!

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