Richard Rogers & Architectural style = “Conscious Inspiration”?

When you ask an architect, how can you define “Architectural style”?

The Common answer is that Architectural styles classify architecture in terms of the use of form, techniques, materials, time period and region. 

I want to sagest a bit different commentary on this phenomenon called “Architectural style” …. 

I will try to present my position
with the help of a number of projects designed by Architect Richard Rogers.
I will start with the Pompidou Center in Paris planned by Rogers And Renzo  Piano in the seventies,
And I will continue with number of projects planned by 
Richard Rogers’s office in the eighties. 

Pompidou Center in Paris is characterized by an upside-down approach. The skeleton and mechanical systems of the building are exposed outside the inner shell.

This design style is acceptable to be called “high-tech architecture”

Richard Rogers Architect and Architect Piano 

Pompidou Center modern art museum 

 Paris 1972 to 1976

Three years later Richard Rogers designed the PA Technology Center

Notice the exposed skeleton and mechanical systems.

Richard Rogers Architect

PA Technology Center

UK 1975 to 1983High-Tech architecture Style”

Four years later Richard Rogers designed the Lloyds Building in London

Notice the exposed skeleton and mechanical systems.

 Richard Rogers Architect

Lloyds Building commercial and corporate headquarters

High-Tech architecture Style”, London 1979 to 1984  

This Picture is from

One year later Richard Rogers designed the INMOS Factory

Is it possible to identify the familiar architectural approach?

Note the project identify constructive solution compared to the PA Technology Center.

Richard Rogers Architect

INMOS Factory semiconductor factory

High-Tech architecture Style”  1980 to 1982 



Eliinbar sketches 2011, Richard Rogers self inspiration sources?

Is Richard Rogers Architecture Style ,who was first revealed with the Pompidou Center in Paris in 1976 , is Richard Rogers main Inspiration Source?


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3 Responses to “Richard Rogers & Architectural style = “Conscious Inspiration”?”

  1. Congrats for your works and blog. I really like it, and I’ ve been wathing for a while.
    It’s my first comment, and I want to share impression about Rogers’ work. He is a good plagiator. The Pompidour was (un)made before from Cedric Price in a work called Fun Palace.

    • Tina Hai
      I agree with you, Rogers and other architects like Foster and Grimshaw
      Got inspired by Cedric Price’s projects and ARCHIGRAM they worked and published their Innovative architectural thinking in the 60s of last century and they all concentrated around the AA in London .

      You’re always welcome to comment on my blog
      Thank you


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about my profile.

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