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Daniel Libeskind , Coop Himmelb(l)au & Iakov Georgievich Chernikhov – so that is how “Conscious Inspiration” works?

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Are  Iakov Chernikhov’s, constructivist designs, the Inspiration Sources for two of the leading deconstructivist architects of the 21 century?

Iakov Chernikhov was a constructivist architect and graphic designer. He lived from 1889 to 1951.

He published books with his innovative constructivist architectural design in Leningrad between 1927 and 1933  (See the pictures below)

For you to judge….

Iakov Chernikhov constructivist architect and graphic designer

Architectural design

 published between 1927 and 1933

Daniel Libeskind Architect

 Royal Ontario Museum

competition:2002-completion: 2007

Iakov Chernikhov constructivist architect and graphic designer

 Architectural design

published between 1927 and 1933

Architecture firm Coop Himmelb(l)au. founder, architect Wolf D. Prix

 ,Ohio, Akron

Akron Art Museum. 2007 

eliinbar Sketches 2012  Daniel Libeskind , Coop Himmelb(l)au & Iakov Georgievich Chernikhov 


What are Constructivist teaching methods? (“Conscious Inspiration Method”)

 1. Constructivist teaching theoretical framework holds that learning always builds upon knowledge that we already know.

 2. Constructivist learning theory says that all knowledge is constructed from a base of prior knowledge.

 3. Constructivists suggest that learning is more effective when we are actively engaged in the learning process.

 4. We learn how to learn, by giving the training to take initiative from our own learning experiences.

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