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O.M. Ungers & Iakov Chernikhov – Is This “Conscious Inspiration”?

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In My previous posts I introduced El Lissitzky and Yakov Chernikhov, two constructivist architects that published in their books Inspiring images of Modern and Fantasies Architecture (1923-1933)

Their Images became the Inspiration Sources for talented architects across the world. (As you can observe in my previous Posts)

In this post ,and In the posts  I will  publish on Monday and Thursday,   will be Interesting examples of “Conscious Inspiration”.

Do not miss O.M. Ungers Inspiring Sketch studies of the Messe Torhaus skyscraper typology ,at the end of this Post.

Iakov Chernikhov

from Architectural Fantasies book

1925-33 ,   Notice the dominance of the  “blue” color

O.M. Ungers Arcitect 

 Trade fair building  

Frankfurt  Germany 1983-1985  ,  Notice the dominance of the  “blue” color

Eliinbar sketches 2012 , O.M. Ungers Inspiration Sources

I invite you to Learn from the process shown above in O.M. Ungers sketch-studies of the Messe Torhaus skyscraper typology.

O.M.Ungers intuitively Implements theConscious Inspiration Method”. 

First  He is not intimidated to get inspired from Iakov Chernikhov’s design.

Second  He develops tools to analyze Iakov Chernikhov’s  design and “Understand” It. (O.M. Ungers sketch-studies )

Third  He Designs high quality and creative architecture….


“Conscious Inspiration” the ultimate inspiration methodology 

 “Knowledge”:  as many said, and wrote before – Knowledge is the foundation for all designing processWe architects and designers are obliged to be informed about everything that was designed in the past and on a daily basis….

“Tools”:  develop tools to analyze buildings and “Understand” them,  tools that will cope with the abundance of architectural information

“Invention”:  with the methodology of “conscious Inspiration” , we don’t need to be intimidated to get inspired from relevant buildings.  Once we develop our tools, it will lead us to high quality and creative architecture.

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