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Frank Gehry’s Strategies “How do I get some Sky in there?”

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From  eliinbar’s sketchbook 2012 – Frank Gehry’s Strategies

Frank Gehry was asked. “How do you get some sky to your buildings?” And his answer was “I don’t know what I do, I just “punch” a few holes here and there and….. somehow they end up being in the right place”.

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In this post I will try to learn from Frank Gehry what are his varied -strategies to get “some sky” into his buildings….

Notice that Gehry puts “sky” into his buildings rather than open holes in wallsto let light and air penetrate his buildings”.

I will cover only a small part of Gehry’s variety of strategies.

To be continued in my next posts….

1.The strategy of the “Invasive prisms

 Model of Gehry’s

unbuilt design for theFamilian Residence

inSanta Monica,California, 1978

Frank Gehry’s house

  Santa Monica

California 1978

2. The strategy of the “pile of boxes

Frank Gehry Architect

working model of Guggenheim Abu Dhabi 2007

 courtesy of  hoss gifford

Frank Gehry Architect

 Public Library Hollywood Branch

 USA  1983–1986

3.The strategy of the “perforated veil” 

 Frank Gehry Architect

Cleveland Clinic ,Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

completed  2010

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