Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG…. the most Conscious Inspiration firm working today – Chapter one.

From  Eliinbar’s sketchbook 2012 BIG, the most Conscious Inspiration Firm working today

It took me a while to clearly determine ….

The most significant Architecture Firm working today…. that implements the “conscious Inspiration Method”….in Perfection …. Is  Bjarke Ingels Group BIG


In This Post and the Following I’ll check my assumption …For you to Judge….

I will start  with the first guiding principle in the “conscious inspiration method” – “Knowledge”

Here are two of Bjarke-Ingelss’ quotes from an interview he made in 2009 for I can assume these quotes reflect Bjarke-Ingels approach to knowledge

We don’t concern ourselves with being trendy”,“in general we tend to study the works of our dead ancestors rather than our contemporaries

dead don’t complain when you ‘steal’ their ideas ;- )” 

“The best way to learn architecture is to fall in love with architects that do it well (and their work.)”

What did I learn from Bjarke-Ingels quotes about his approach to knowledge? 

1. Bjarke-Ingels is not intimidated to get inspired from relevant buildings and architects.

2. He develops techniques how to choose the right building to be his “Inspiration Source.

3. The “Inspiration Source building” will play the role of the “Planning Process Generator” to be used later in his design process….


 Here is a building designed by BIG + JDS = PLOT  that demonstrates how Bjarke-Ingels’s applies the “Conscious Inspiration Method


BIG + JDS = PLOT Architects

apartments building Copenhagen, Denmark

Construction period: 2004 – 2005 more information you can fined in Arch daily

And Here is Steven Holl’s Building Designed In the 80s’ ..

Steven Holl Architect

HYBRID BUILDING hotel suites, shops and offices

Seaside, FL, United States, 1984-1988  (Isometric view)

Notice the dominant configuration of the balconies in a form of triangles

BIG most likely are focusing on the morphological aspect

of Steven Holl’s building as their “Planning Process Generator”.

From  eliinbar’s sketchbook 2012 BIG, the most Conscious Inspiration Firm working today



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“Conscious Inspiration” the ultimate inspiration methodology

I invite you all to contribute in developing the attitude and tools towards the viability of the “Conscious Inspiration” Method.

The abundance of information in the Web affects us all, as I illustrate in my posts.

I believe that designing is a process formed from three main phases:knowledgetools and invention.

Knowledge”: as many said, and wrote before – Knowledge is the foundation for all designing process. We architects and designers are obliged to be informed about everything that was designed in the past and on a daily basis….

Tools”: develop tools to analyze buildings and “Understand” them,tools that will cope with the abundance of architectural information…tools that encourage your planning process….tools matching your skills
and generating your creative process….

(You are invited to visit earlier posts of mine showing leading architects tools…. )

Invention”: with the methodology of “conscious Inspiration” , we don’t need to be intimidated to get inspired from relevant buildings. Once we develop our tools, it will lead us to high quality and creative architecture.

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