Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG…. the most Conscious Inspiration firm working today -Chapter two

From eliinbar’s sketchbook 2012 BIG, the most Conscious Inspiration Firm working today

This post is the second chapter of a “trilogy” about Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG…. the most Conscious Inspiration firm working today….

I will start with the second guiding principle in the conscious inspiration method …. Developing Individual Design Tools

Here are some more Bjarke-Ingels quotes from the interview he made in 2009 for

“Rather than choosing between the practical or the ideal – we strive towards a pragmatic utopian architecture that turns making the world a better place into a practical objective”. The right mix of practical and everyday ingredients”

What did I learn from Bjarke-Ingels quotes about his approachto developing Individual Design Tools?

1. Bjarke-Ingels develops his tools correspond to his architecture philosophy.

2. I can assume that Bjarke-ingels’s original thinking, is generating his design tools.

Bjarke-ingels’s Design Tools

Here Is Bjarke-ingels’s graphic analysis to the apartments building in Copenhagen showing his design Process

(Recommend reading the full explanation in BIG’s site)

Notice the graphic qualities of the analysis sketches (I learned from Bjarke Ingels’s interview that before he became an architect he wanted to be a graphic novelist)

And here is another Bjarke-ingels’s graphic analysis….an isometric scheme that explains the volumetric and movement strategy, BIG + JDS = PLOT Apply in the apartments building.

Have you encountered already with this design strategy?….

This is A typical Unite D’habitation section showing the “streets” (1) and the interlocking cross-over units designed by Le Corbusier at 1945-1946

Notice the similar design solution…. the “streets” (inner corridor) and the interlocking cross-over units.

And the image below was done 40 years later…. this is an elevation section of a “double house” in Utrecht designed by MVRDV at 1995

Yes….. “Conscious Inspiration” is everywhere….

BIG is no doubt…. the most “Conscious Inspiration firm”….

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  1. jennibarrett Says:

    Hi there. I’m fascinated by your thoughts & drawings. I hope you don’t mind but I used one in my blog.(with reference and link)..
    I’ll certainly be following…

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