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Rem Koolhaas -“They were All my sons”– Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG & MVRDV& REX & FREE

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 From  eliinbar’s sketchbook 2012  OMA’s “design Strategies”

Inspiration sketch Gallery (ISG) by Eli Inbar

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Following the previous posts  about Bjarke Ingels Group – BIG,  I will show In this post, several design strategies, inspired by Rem Koolhaas.

 The architectural firm OMA.
was established in 1975 by Rem Koolhaas and  partners.

Today OMA is  considered one of the world’s most innovative architect firms..

 Some of its former employees/partners  have become the world’s leading architectural firms working today. (Zaha Hadid , MVRDV,  REX ,  BIG, FREE)


I will Start with the design strategy I like to call  the“stacking Diagram” ,developed by Rem Koolhaas  in the 90th , and became the inspiration source  for his former employees /partners  ….


More design strategies , will be detailed in my future posts ….See the sketch above….

 The “stacking Diagram” , design Strategy:

 Rem Koolhaas & OMA Architects

The Hyperbuilding , A self-contained city for 120,000 inhabitants with housing, education, culture, welfare, medical facilities, amusement, industry, retail .

 Bangkok, Thailand  1996

In the image above are two models of the  Hyperbuilding ,exemplify Rem Koolhaas’s & OMA’s  “stacking Diagram”, design Strategy

MVRDV Architects Mirador residential building

Sanchinarro Madrid-Spain ( in Collaboration with Blanca Lleo’ Asociados)


More information about MVRDV Architects and “Conscious Inspiration” visit  my post  MVRDV & Le Corbusier and the ultimate inspirational roof terrace

In the image above are two diagram arrangements,exemplify MVRDV’s  “stacking Diagram”, design Strategy

 REX architects

Museum Plaza  Louisville  Kentuky

 USA published 2005

More information about Rex Architects and “Conscious Inspiration” visit  my post  REX Architects &” Conscious Inspiration”

On the right  ,REX ‘s  “stacking Diagram”, design Strategy for the Museum Plaza.


Bjarke Ingels group- BIG  architects:

cross # towers

seoul , korea published 2012

 From  eliinbar’s sketchbook 2012   OMA’s “Stacking Diagram” design Strategy-

Note the similarity in the design process,in four projects

See my sketch below….explaining the “Stacking Diagram” design Strategy

First step, definition of size and shape of the spaces in accordance with the program.

Second step, designing the building  as a “stacking Diagram”  emphasizing the program.

 From  eliinbar’s sketchbook 2012   OMA’s “stacking Diagram” design Strategy-


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