The renewed Inspiration sketch Gallery (ISG) by Eli Inbar – video 2


I am proud to announce the opening of my renewed

Inspiration Sketch Gallery (ISG)

 You are invited to visit the gallery and to enjoy my sketches .

Here is a very short video that my youngest son photographed and edited, my daughter counseled  and the eldest son chose the background music, documenting , the preparation process of a sketch.

They called it “ Without Words By eliinbar

Note that you see the video from the viewpoint of my eyes, How did they do it?

eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2012- MAD Architects and Zaha Hadid, without words….

The next image. Is  Zaha Hadid’s  Aqua table from 2008

The next image. Is  Zaha Hadid’s  Aqua table from 2008


And this is the National Museum of China competition entry from 2012, designed by MAD Architects

National Museum of China competition entry from 2012, Designed by MAD Architects



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A “short talk” about “Conscious Inspiration”  January 2013

Inspiration” or “Copy Paste” are the most dominant phenomenon of the 21st century among architects.

Most likely , the “availability of information” enables the existence of the phenomenon.

The abundance of information in the Web affects us all…. I present it every week in my blog, accompanied by my explanation sketches.

We saw more than once, differences between “Conscious Inspiration” and “copy paste” are not so big….

With this challenge, the “Conscious inspiration Method” wants to cope .

I believe that the natural development of architecture design is based on inspiration techniques ….I call them “Codex Rules”.

I strive to develop a method.

A method that will help architects and designers to cope with this phenomenon, At this point in time, I call it the “Conscious Inspiration Method” ….

With the methodology of “conscious Inspiration”, we don’t need to be intimidated to get inspired from relevant buildings.  Once we develop our tools =“Codex Rules”, it will lead us to high quality creative architecture.

The Conscious Inspiration Method‘ ,  How it Works?

First step: “knowledge”, as many said and wrote before; knowledge is the foundation for all designing process. We architects and designers are obliged to be informed about everything that was designed in the past and on a daily basis.

Second step: develop Conscious Inspiration personal  tools = “Codex Rules”.

Third step: the inspiration Source. (Don’t be intimidated to get inspired from relevant buildings).

Step Fourrealize your design idea (your invention).

Five “HOWS” of the “Conscious Inspiration Method

1. How to filter out relevant knowledge from the Web with abundance of information?

2. How to develop your own vision?

3. How to choose the right “Inspiration Sources” that empowers your vision?

4. How to develop your 0wn personal design tools?

5. How to use your inspiration sources as the “Planning Process Generator”, and to design high quality creative architecture?


2 Responses to “The renewed Inspiration sketch Gallery (ISG) by Eli Inbar – video 2”

  1. Uh, cool blog!
    Maybe our most important ability is to „borrow” the good ideas and use them. It is just like borrowing words from other languages.
    I think we wouldn’t be humans without this. This bad behaviour is rooted deep in our genome.
    In architecture we had for centuries books of know-how, based on Greek and Roman architectural aesthetics. For centuries.
    We called them the architectural orders, but letțs face it, for hundreds of years we built the same columns, capitels and architraves as some lost master builders from some small city-state.
    We use the Arabic number system being, in fact a set of Indian notations. But we wouldn’t have mathematics and physics and later electronics and computers and internet.
    In most of your featured images I think there was more a striking idea that traveled from one architect to the other. Sometimes it is an obsession, sometimes it s not.
    Sometimes it might be just a poor stealing.
    The vast amount of information we can access today will definitely shape us on a scale we can t imagine.
    I think architects will borrow more and more from other rather obscure and far away colleagues than from notable starchitects.
    Maybe this way the inspiring examples will run in front of your eyes with such velocity that cast in concrete obsessive models will not be possible again, due the speed new ones will challenge them.
    Next time I will try to be more succint.
    Thank you for your inspiring posts!

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