Zaha Hadid and the 100 Conscious Inspiration projects in 200 days

Today post presents for the second time, my New “Conscious Inspiration” project…. 100 Conscious projects in 200 days

In the following 200 days I will present 100 projects that  will be published  in ARCHDAILY, the world’s most visited architecture website

Followers of  SOMEONE  HAS  BUILT IT BEFORE will judge them , from this  point of view

 Are the buildings published in ARCHDAILY,designed according to the principals of  Conscious Inspiration

Or maybe by accident, they are the victims of the Copy Paste syndrome

Obviously, I will contribute by adding my input

What do you think

 Will we find more of the “Conscious Inspiration” designs or “Copy Paste”  designs

And this month crop is here for you to judge

The first building Is the Zhongwei Cultural Complex designd by hpa in 2009 and published in Archdaily on april 2013

Zhongwei Cultural Complex designd by hpa in 2009

And by accident or not ,the Stone Towers in  Cairo, Egypt shown in the next two images, were designed by Zaha Hadid and published in Archdaily on May  2009

Stone Towers

Zaha Hadid Stone Towers

Note the similar design strategies 
Both buildings are characterized by a similar method of building their envelopes.

Surface without openings surrounds the building on both fronts and sequentially through the roof.
Sides of the building are transparent curtain walls

Can you imagin that this square floor plan, belongs to the Zhongwei Cultural Complex?

Zhongwei Cultural Complex - typical floorplan

Notice the striking mismatch between this floor plan representing a gathered structure ,compared to the exterior of the Zhongwei Cultural Complex  appearance, characterized  by diverse functions expressed by multiple blocks

For comparison, this is Zaha Hadid’s typical flooplan for the Stone Towers in Cairo, Egypt

Zaha Hadid's typical flooplan for the Stone Towers

Note the formal logic of Zaha Hadid’s building floorplan and the Stone Towers appearance


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