Do SANAA, MVRDV and Rafael Moneo are leading the age of the “Ideal Disorder Design Strategy” ? today, 7 years later we can definitely say: YES,YES,YES

Eliinbar Sketches Rafael Moneo

From  Eliinbar’s Sketch book 2012 – Rafael Moneo’s inspiration sources

This post is the first

In a series of posts I call “In my backyard

In which I present for your review, buildings that were built  “in my backyard

Up to 60 km from home

Introduction (very short one):

 At the beginning of the decade I published a number of posts that described current trends in architecture, who raise a disturbing question.

Did architects choose to give up creativity, forget about the site where they plan their buildings, and create global architecture?

Is it bad for the architecture profession?

And if so

How to deal with this challenge?

At the time,  I suggested not to be afraid of the phenomenon,

And to develop a method of training architects,

responding to the new reality.

I called this method “conscious inspiration”

In the last two years I started practical steps, with architecture students ,to test the effectiveness of the method.

I will share with you experiences in the next posts

In 2011 I published a post that examined the sources of inspiration for a new trend I called “Ideal Disorder Design Strategy”, MVRDV, Rafael  Moneo and SANAA led it

You are invited to visit my relevant post 

Eliinbar Sketches Conscious Inspiration

Rafael  Moneo’s building shown in the next image, is in my opinion, the source of inspiration for hundreds if not thousands of buildings, built over the past decade.


Rafael Moneo Architect

 Murcia Town Hall

   Spain 1991-1999 

Seven years After I posted the Rafael Moneo’s post ,here are two buildings photographed “In my backyard

For you to judge

Conscios Inspiration 1

Conscious Inspiration 2

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Architects are inspired by existing buildings as a method.

What does it indicates about us?

It indicates that there is an expanding phenomenon and we cannot ignore it.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that some of us are experiencing difficulty getting inspired from existing buildings.

Sometimes the result of this process looks more like “Copy-paste” rather than “conscious inspiration”.

So how to get inspired consciously, from existing buildings?

What are the questions we should ask ourselves, in order to determine whether the design process occurred, is more like “copy paste” than “conscious inspiration“?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Checking suitability for the immediate environment.

2. Checking the suitability of relevant materials to the environment.

3. Examination of morphological compatibility to the environment.

4. Check for climatic compatibility.

5. Check of the suitability of the planning to the building designation.


And the most important test.

Is the project architect, brought something of himself.

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2 Responses to “Do SANAA, MVRDV and Rafael Moneo are leading the age of the “Ideal Disorder Design Strategy” ? today, 7 years later we can definitely say: YES,YES,YES”

  1. We made this in 1969 ! It seems now that it was Corbu inspired.



    • As usual Corbusier was ahead of everyone.
      With your permission, I will use these pictures in the future….
      Thank you

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