E’MILE AILLAUD 1902-1988

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Meet the architect E’mile Aillaud

He holds the triangular tower, he designed for La Defense by Paris, in 1972

This building has never been built ,at least not in La Défense

We saw in my previous post that the building was eventually built, 30 years later

 But “in my backyard

Emile Aillaud Tour Triangle La Defense 1972

This is a sketch E’mile Aillaud prepared in 1972, showing the three towers ,square tower, round tower and triangular tower, in La Defense

Emile Aillaud three towers in La Defense 1972

If you want to know what E’mile Aillaud inspiration was for the three towers

You are invited to visit my post

The French architect  Emile Aillaud describes in his writings, that his source of inspiration for the 3 office buildings in LA Defense (near Paris)  was the Piazza Dei Miracoli  with the Tower of Pisa

Shown in the next picture



Eliinbar’s sketches 2010


This is a sketch prepared by E’mile Aillaud in 1975, for the construction of gates in “La Defense”, you can see in the background the mythological structure of the CNIT

Emile Aillaud Place de la Defense 1975





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