A blog where I trace the inspiration sources of architects. Each post will compare an architect’s creation with its origins for you to judge. Tell us what you think !
Architecture is my profession as well as my favorite hobby. In my blog ” Architecture Dialog” ( Archidialog.com), I wish to open a vital discussion about it. Architecture enthusiasts, practitioners and consumers, are welcome to join me on my one-of-a-kind journy through the unexplored wonders of the architecture realm. First , I take a crack at uncovering the inspiration sources of gifted architects.
Eli Inbar is an accomplished architect who runs his own architecture firm in Jerusalem, Israel for 20 years now. He specializes in public establishments and hard-landscaping development.

8 Responses to “About”

  1. רציתי להביא בפניך עוד שני בניינים שכמעט אי אפשר לטעות – גם הפונקציה זהה!!! מדובר על מרכז הקונגרסים בחיפה:

    Clyde Auditorium
    Norman Foster

    אשמח אם תוכל לתת לי קרדיט על המציאה אם אתה מפרסם 🙂

    אבנר פינצ’ובר,
    בקרוב ארכ’

  2. שלום,

    עוד מציאה:
    חזית ב-
    Cite de la Musique
    Christian de Porzamparc

    אל מול החזית הדרומית של היכל המשפט בחיפה:

    אבנר פינצ’ובר

  3. Hello,
    I was looking for a direct contact on your blog but didn’t find any.

    I wonder if you could provide your e-mail address to me?

    Thank you,

  4. Nice blog
    Greetings from Peru

    • Vanguarq
      thanks….Beautiful Peru ….you are invited to continue and visit the blog ….
      expected surprising posts later on….

  5. Geronimo Garcia Says:


    Casa de Baile dance hall, in Pampulha

    civic center of onishi, gumma, japan (2003-05)& serpentine gallery pavillion

    • Hey Geronimo
      Thank you for the opportunity to be revealed to another example of “Conscious Inspiration”
      It is interesting to learn the thinking process that led these gifted
      architects, to plan similar visual characteristics buildings….
      Thanks again … with your permission i mean to publish a post about ….
      Eli Inbar

  6. Check out Rex-ny’s neckless house project and wallace neff’s niblo built house…everything’s been done before

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