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MVRDV and the Typology of Cantilever Buildings “In my backyard”

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Eliinbar Sketches Cantilever Buildings

From Eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2018  – MVRDV and the Typology of Cantilever Buildings

In my backyard

This post is the third

In a series of posts, I call “In my backyard

In which I present for your review, buildings that I found “in my backyard” and photographed them for you.

All buildings are within 60 km from home

The choice to photograph these buildings was not random

They reminded me of forgotten posts

For you to judge

In 2010 I published a post that presented a relatively new trend for that period


Cantilever Buildings

MVRDV WOZOCO housing complex

MVRDV Architects  Wozoco Housing For Eldery  Amsterdam 1994-1997


8 Years After I posted MVRDV ‘s “Cantilever Buildings”, here is a building I photographed “In my backyard“

For you to judge

Conteliver Buildings


in my Facebook

Why did MVRDV designed a “Cantilever Building“?

This is the story as was published in  Archdaily

Stuck conforming to zoning regulations of the surrounding area, MVRDV calculated that only 87 of the proposed 100 units could fit the restricted footprint due to regulations about day lighting.

From this arose the idea of cantilevering the remaining units on the north facade, to connect to the transparent gallery of the main block found below while also opening up space on the rest of the site.