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Le Corbusier – “Green button Inspiration”

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What do you think about this house? 

It seems like a good idea that re-use it self. 

Is this another example of “Conscious Inspiration”?   

The source is undoubtedly Le Corbusiers’ Ronchamp – Chapel….


Clavienrossier Studio added two tinted concrete volumes atop the remains of a stone house in the Swiss Alps

 Charrat in the Valais canton of Switzerland

 published on December 3rd, 2010

Mansilla + Tunon Architects 

 Concert Hall

 Leon spain 2003

WRNS Studio

Parking Structure

San Francisco USA 2009 

Le Corbusier Architect

 Ronchamp Chapel

Notre Dame du Haut, France 1950-1954

Some interesting Quotes from Frank Ghery Architect : 

1. “People live and work in uninspiring environments 

2. “Many people put a green button on their collar and feel good”