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And I thought to myself that only Zaha Hadid and MAD Architects, were inspired by E’mile Aillaud cloud towers…. Apparently not, it happens again here “in my backyard”

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Cloud Buildings In my backyard

From Eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2018– E’mile Aillaud cloud towers….  “in my backyard”

This post is number four

In a series of posts, I call “In my backyard

In which I present for your review, buildings that I found “in my backyard” and photographed them for you.

All buildings are within 60 km from home

The choice to photograph these buildings was not random

They reminded me of forgotten posts

For you to judge

In the 1970s

A French architect named E’mile Aillaud ,planned residential towers not far from Paris. He called them “Cloud Towers“.


Tours Nuage (Cloud Towers) E’mile Aillaud Architect, Nanterre (north-west of the center of Paris) 1973-1981

Years later architects like MAD Architects and Zaha Hadid, took the idea of Cloud Towers into more creative directions.

You are invited to visit a post from 2013 ,in which I presented projects by Zaha Hadid and MAD Architects.

MAD Architects design the Absolute Towers in

 2010  ,Residential condominiums in Mississauga, Ontario

shown in the next image



Zaha Hadid Galaxy Soho  in Beijing China 2009-2012

Five years later

Cloud Towers” popping up, in “my backyard”

For you to judge

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