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Kenzo Tange & Rem Koolhaas/OMA The”Conscious Inspiration Chain”

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eliinbar’s sketchbook 2011 The” Conscious Inspiration Chain”

Here is another post exemplifying Le Corbusier  as the source of inspiration for generations of architects….

Le Corbusier’s Sketch for “La Ville Radieus(“Radiant City”1924)

Kenzo Tange , (1913- 2005)  winner of the 1987 Pritzker Prize for architecture. He was one of the most significant architects of the 20th century, combining traditional Japanese styles with modernism,. Tange was also an influential protagonist of the structuralist movement. He said: “It was, I believe, around 1959 or at the beginning of the sixties that I began to think about what I was later to call structuralism“, (cited in Plan 2/1982,Amsterdam).

Influenced from an early age by the Swiss modernist, Le Corbusier, in the late 1950s he steered the group towards the movement that became Metabolism.

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Kenzo Tange Architect

commercial building  Tokyo,Japan

 Completion date: 1967

Rem Koolhaas/OMA

Singapore skyscraper (Singapore’s floating towers)

 Published   March 2007

eliinbar’s sketches 2011 The ”Conscious Inspiration Chain”


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The “Conscious Inspiration Chain” strikes again

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In a previous post, I shared a rare picture of Le Corbusier’s building.
A View to the upper floor balcony of the Unité d ‘ Habitation Rezé ,Nantes, France, built from 1952 to 1954.
Le Corbusier Architect
Unité d ‘ Habitation Rezé
,Nantes, France built from 1952 to 1954
SANAA Architects
Zollverein School of Management & Design
Essen ,Germany 2003-2006
Here is another joint in the”Conscious Inspiration Chain”’
Another building that deal with “transparency in a concrete structure”       
Henning Larsen Architects + White Arkitekter
Umeå School of Architecture
Sweden Project year: 2007 – 2010
“The intention has been to design an open, robust study environment where each student feels part of the creative study community. The open layout and informal meeting places create a light and laboratory-like atmosphere supporting idea development and creative work processes.”
Architect Per Ebbe Hansson, Henning Larsen Architects    
eliinbar sketches 2011-The “Conscious Inspiration Chain” 2
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The “Conscious Inspiration Chain”

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Kormeling’s “Starting Tower” is maybe the inspiration source for Herzog de Meuron and other talented architects

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Kormeling Architect / Artist

Starting Tower

Slochteren ,  Netherland   1992

What was Kormeling inspiration Source?

Was it Hedjuk’s “wall House”?

John Hejduk Wall House

designed between 1967 and 1973,

built  in Groningen, The Netherlands 2000-2001

And what was Hedjuk’s inspiration Source?

Was it Le Corbusier’s  La Tourette?

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The “Conscious Inspiration Chain” eliinbar sketches 2011


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