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Zaha Hadid the “Dancing Towers – Concept”

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On 14 October I published a post showing an Option ,that two leading architects were Inspired…. 

Here are tow more Projects Designed by one of the talented architects ,using the same typological principle I introduced in the 14 octobers’ Post. 

Is this an example of “Conscious Inspiration” ?

Zaha Hadid Architect 

Farrer Court _ Singapore


Zaha Hadid Architect

The Stone Towers

Cairo _ Egypt _ 2009


MVRDV & Zaha Hadid

eliinbar sketches2010 – 14\10\2010




Zaha Hadid & MVRDV – “Conscious Inspiration”

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At the year 2002MVRDV architects office designed a group of towers for the Donau city  in Vienna. The project was inspired by critical thinking about skyscrapers.

The result was a three dimensional City.

MVRDV’s towers were called the “Kissing Towers”.

At the same year Zaha Hadid designed two “Kissing Towers” for Ground -zero in New- York City. 

Four years later Zaha Hadid designed three towers for Dubai, they were called the “Dancing Towers”.

MVRDV Architects _model of the “Kissing Towers” _ Donau City _ Vienna _ 2002

Zaha Hadid Architect _ Two “kissing Towers” _ Ground zero _ New York _ 2002

Zaha Hadid Architect _ “Dancing Towers” _ Dubai _ 2006

Le Corbusier – “ville Radieuse” 2 – Not So Conscious Inspiration

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Two Corbusier‘s sketches illustrating the concept of the radiant city  =   “ Ville Radieuse



La Ville Radieus promised future of sunshine, fresh air and greenery for city-dwellers.

A city which consist of giant apartment blocks and green, landscaped spaces

It will be the vertical garden city.

Renewable area near the airport of Hong Kong


eliinbar Sketches 2010 – not so “conscious inspiration

Is this the  radiant city Corbusier imagined?

It seems more as , not so “conscious  inspiration

 Another example of a residential building in Hong Kong.


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La Tourette ” Conscios Inspiration” 2

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Inspiration sketch Gallery (ISG) by Eli Inbar


Floor plans can be a Source of inspiration for architects.

We can call these  plans “Generating Plans” …. A floor plan which generates inspiration.

Here are Two examples of “ Conscious inspiration”.

La Tourette floor plans inspired talented architects….

1. The Wall Buildings:

La Tourette Floor Plan Level 3

Hedjuk Architect

 Wall House 2

 Gronigen , The netherlands ,1967-73

Richard Meier Architect

Museum of Contemporary Art

Barcelona , 1992-95

                             La Tourette  Eliinbar sketches 2010


Richard Alan Meier was born in 1934 in Newark New Jersey. Twenty-five years later – after graduating from Cornell University’s Architecture School, and after Cornell, working briefly for SOM – Meier decided that the best mentor he could personally select was Swiss-born architect, Charles-Edouard Jeanneret. Of course, most of us know Jeanneret by the name he gave himself – ‘Le Corbusier‘ a spin on his grandfather’s name that resembled this French word for Raven.To meet the great man, Meier would need to travel to Paris. Once there, he intended to ask Le Corbusier if he could become an intern. And oh, by the way, he would make this request with an attached offer that he believed that Le Corbusier could not refuse – he would work for free.
                                                                          –Hejduk Architect _ Wall House2
Richard Meier _ Museum of Contemporary Art _ Barcelona 
John Hedjuk profound interest in the fundamental issues of shape, organization,representation, and reciprocity. He argued that the first duty of architecture is to challenge and inspire:At la Tourette Le Corbusier emphasize the hierarchy between the big prier room and small one by putting the Small  one “outside the wall” In the “Wall HouseHedjuk  employs the same  vocabulary of Le Corbusier to explore the relationship between inside and outside  , in a more extreme way than did the Swiss-French master.

2. The Multi levels Cloister Concept 

                                          La Tourette Floor Plan 1
Steven Holl Architect _ American Memorial Library _ Berlin_ Competition 1988Floor Plans

                           La Tourette  Eliinbar sketches 2010

La Tourette

Steven Holl Architect _ American Memorial Library – Model


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Le Corbusier – La Tourette Inspiration Sources – “Conscious Inspiration”

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Le Corbusier_ La Tourette Monastery

At First, I tried to find out what were Le Corbusiers’ inspiration sources  when he designed La Tourette:

This is Dionysiou Monastery built at the 14th century on Mount Athos -Greece …. The residential units dependent on the hillside:

And This is The plan of Le Thorenet Abbey At southeast France, built from 1160- 1200 :

Le Thorenet Abbeyl  low Floor:

La Tourette – Entrance floor:

Le Thorenet Abbey – Prayer hall

La Tourette – Prayer Hall

Le Thorenet inner courtyard

La Tourette inner courtyard

La Tourette – Le Corbusier

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La Tourette – eliinbar Sketches 2010

Inspiration sketch Gallery (ISG) by Eli Inbar

Text from Wikipedia:

Sainte Marie de La Tourette is a Dominican Order priory in a valley near Lyon, France designed by the architect Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakis and constructed between 1956 and 1960. Le Corbusier’s design of the building began in May, 1953 with sketches drawn at Arbresle, France outlining the basic shape of the building and terrain of the site.

The buildings contain a hundred sleeping rooms for teachers and students, study halls, a hall for work and one for recreation, a library and a refectory. Next comes the church where the monks carry on alone Finally, the circulation connects all the parts.

The structural frame is of rough reinforced concrete,Also used glass and metal.

Le Corbusier _ La tourette _ Aerial View

La Tourette from southwest

La Tourette _ Inner courtyard looking north

La Tourette _ Inner courtyard looking north east

La Tourette _Inner courtyard looking south east

La Tourette Inner courtyard looking west

La Tourette  first Floor

La Tourette Third Floor  – entrance

La Tourette  Fourth and Fifth Floor – Residence and study units.

La tourette typical cross-section

La Tourette _ Eliinbars’ Sketchbook 2010

In the Future posts ,it will be interesting to find out who are the architects that received their inspiration from this project, and how….


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Alvaro Siza – Conscious Inspiration 3

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Alvaro Siza is in my opinion one of the most talented architects who are implementing the principles of conscious inspiration
Here are three examples :


Franz Holzhammer Architect_Postamt am Goetheplatz_ Munchen_ 1031-32

Alvaro Siza Architect _ Schlesisches Tor- public housing block _ Berlin_ 1980


Hans Scharoun Architect _ Workers Collective Hostel _ Germany _ 1928-29

Alvaro Siza Architect _ Banco Borgers _ Porto _1980


Louis Kahn Architect _ First Unitarian Church _ Rochester _N.Y, _ 1959-69

Alvaro Siza Architect _ Portugal Pavilion Expo 1998 _ Lisbon _ Portugal _ 1998

Steven Holl the “Sponge Concept” 2 – Conscious Inspiration

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Steven Holl Architect

Sketch for Naning _ Chaina _ 2002



Zaha Hadid Architect

   The Opus Commercial Towers _ Dubai _ 2007



Zaha Hadid Architect

 King Abdullah II house of Culture and Art _ Amman _ 2010



BIG Architects

 Ted Building _ Taiwan _ Competition 2010



eliinbar Sketches 2010



Rolex Learning Center by SANAA Architects


Does this building demonstrats how the”Conscious inspiration method” works? 

This building designed by SANAA, a leading Architecture firm, is on my opinion an interpretation to the Steven Holls’ “Sponge Concept”.

If you are interested in SANAA Inspiration Sources

You are invited to visit my recent and relevant post


Check .com/2010/05/ the   CONSCIOUS  INSPARATION  PAGE

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The Search for the Typology/Image of the new Green Apartment Building

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Here are three examples of buildings designed by leading architectural firms, seeking on my opinion, for the image of the new green apartment building

MVRDV Architects _ Westerdok Apartments Building _ Amsterdam _ 2009


Herzog de Meuron Architects _ Beirut Terraces _ 2010


Jean Nouvel Architect _ One Central Park _ Sydney _ Australia _2008-2010

Westerdok apartment building _ Typical Floor Plan


Beirut Terraces _  Typical Floor Plan

from eliinbar Sketchbook – Typical Floors and Cross-sections

Evolution of the “Typological Inspiration”

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Jean Nouvel Architect _ Louvre Museum _ Abu Dhabi _ 2007

François Blanciak Architect _ Sundsvall Theatre _ Sweden _ 2008 competition

Jean Nouvel Architect _ National Museum of Qatar _ 2010