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Zaha Hadid & “house as a metaphor”or the “Visual House“

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From eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2011 – Zaha Hadid – “house as a metaphor”

In previous posts I introduced the concept of “house as a metaphor“(“Visual House“) 
Here is another example of “Conscious Inspiration
Zaha Hadid in the River Side project is among the first that gave a unique interpretation to the Idea of the “house as a metaphor

 Zaha Hadid Architect

Riverside Museum

Glasgow , Scotland  2004-2011

 Herzog de Meuron Architects

Vitra Campus ,  Weilam Rhhein ,  Germany


  Eliinbar sketches 2011  Zaha Hadid – “house as a metaphor“(“Visual House“)


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My New meditation corner:

What did I learn from this post?

A Source of inspiration can be also a metaphor – the” Visual House“

more buildings inspired by the “Visual House”

Le Corbusier – five points of Architecture – the Japanese Conscious Inspiration interpretation

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From eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2011

Here is an interesting Conscious Inspiration interpretation of the Japanese architecture practice ON design partners to Le Corbusier’s five points of architecture. 

Japanese architecture practice ON design partners designed a two-storey residential complex for young artists. 

The design elevates the living units to sit above a semi public courtyard which serves as a multifunctional place for exhibitions, work, and socializing.

 Nishida Osamu + Nakagawa Erika / ON design partners

 yokohama apartment

 published in designboom 07.28.11

Le  Corbusier Architect

Villa Savoye outskirts of Paris, France

 built between 1928 and 1931 (A manifesto of Le Corbusier’s “five points” of new architecture)

Eliinbar sketches 2011 “Conscious Inspiration”

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 Le Corbusier – Les maisons Domino  

 Le Corbusier & Archigram – “Buildings floating in the air” or building moving” 

Conscious Inspiration Facades 2 



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Le  Corbusier’s ,Villa Savoye – Ground plan

 ON design partners yokohama apartment  – Ground plan

Le  Corbusier’s  Villa Savoye – First floor

ON design partners yokohama apartment  – First floor

Kazuyo Sejima+Ryue Nishizawa = SANAA “Multiplying architecture” = ”Conscious Inspiration”?- part one

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From eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2011 – SANAA / “Multiplying architecture”

Ryue Nishizawa and Kazuyo Sejima are partners in

SANAA, a leading architecture office.

Ryue Nishizawa also owns his private design office.

Here is an Interesting phenomenon…. worth a view….

This is the first example from three, of what I call “Multiplying Architecture” (doubling of architectural ideas)

Is this “Conscious Inspiration” ?

Ryue Nishizawa architect

structures at the Kumamoto station Japan

SANAA Architects

serpentine gallery pavilion 2009

eliinbar’s Sketches 2011

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I invite you all to contribute in developing the attitude and tools towards the viability of the “Conscious Inspiration” Method

The  “Conscious Inspiration” Method,  How it Works?

First step:  the inspiration Source

Second step:   Developing  the Conscious Inspiration tools

Third step:   Realize the design idea

The abundance of information in the Web affects us all, as I illustrate in my posts.

I Believe that designing is a process formed from three main phases:  knowledge, tools and invention.

Knowledge”:  as many said, and wrote before – Knowledge is the foundation for all designing processWe architects and designers are obliged to be informed about everything that was designed in the past and on a daily basis….

“Tools”:  develop tools to analyze buildings and “Understand” them,  tools that will cope with the abundance of architectural information…

(I intend to demonstrate some of my ideas in future posts)

“Invention”:  with the methodology of “conscious Inspiration” we don’t need to be intimidated to get inspired from relevant buildings.  Once we develop our tools, it will lead us to high quality and creative architecture.

Eli Inbar

Chicago Tribune Tower competition ,Eliel Saarinen & Cesar Pelli

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eliinbar’s Sketchbook 2011 Chicago Tribune Tower competition

Does Cesar Pelli implements the “Conscious inspiration” method?

It seems that Cesar Pelli starts his designs by making a research…. 

Decodes the “DNA” of his favorite architect (Eliel Saarinen?)

Implements his “vocabulary” ….

Adds its own approaches….

Adjust his project to the environment….

And design high-quality and contemporary towers


Well, this is “Conscious Inspiration”

Before starting, two interesting facts about Cesar Pelli: 

1.At the year 1991, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) listed Pelli among the ten most influential living American architects.

2. He started his career in the new Haven offices of architect Eero Saarinen( the son of Eliel Saarinen-who won the second Place at the Chicago Tribune Tower Competition in 1922).

Eliel Saarinen’s architect

entry to the Chicago Tribune Tower competition


Rated backed structure

Cesar Pelli and Associates

Cleveland’s Key Tower built in 1991 

“Rated backed structure”, “Multiplying the building’s corner”

Cesar Pelli and Associates The Wells Fargo Center

formerly known as Norwest Center

Minneapolis, Minnesota ,Completed in 1988

“Multiplying the building’s corner”,”Emphasis on the slenderness of the building by vertical lines”

Cesar Pelli and Associates

Bank of America Corporate Center

Charlotte 1992.

Cesar Pelli & Associates

 Citigroup Tower 

 London ,completed in 2001

 eliinbar Sketches 2011 the Chicago Tribune tower Competition, 1922

More information about the Chicago Tribune Tower competition:

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With The help of the Chicago Tribune Tower competition .I will show, in my next post that “Conscious Inspiration” already existed in the 20s of the last century.

 To Be Continued….


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